Real Estate Mentorship Program

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    Blackseed360 is a Real Estate mentorship program focused on helping everyday people purchase their first investment property. The ideal client has the capital to purchase an investment property out right, or meets all of the requirements from a lending institution to take out a loan to get control of an income producing property.


    If you have the capital but would like to guidance toward finding your first investment property, this program is for you!


    You can book a consultation below:


  • Our Approach

    The 3 Step Process



    We identify what type of property and price range is best for the client. We collect all documentation needed if going through a lender.



    We find the property that fits best and run through all of the numbers with our client so that they are comfortable with pursuing the acquisition.



    We take action and close on the property and set our client up with a reliable property management company if necessary.