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    Founder| Blackseed Group | Houston

    Mr. Madu created the Blackseed Revitalization Fund I, a 506 (c) regulation D fund, with a 10 million dollar raise. The fund aims to help investors earn passive income while helping local communities.


    The fund will invest in single family and multifamily homes in areas like Memphis and Houston. This will allow investor dollars to create a social impact in the local communities. Ultimately, the fund will provide affordable homes for people in the community to rent.


    Born in Houston to two Nigerian parents who immigrated to the United States in the early 80’s, Mr. Madu trained as an engineer at the University of Texas at San Antonio, earning his BS in Electrical Engineering.


    Mr. Madu began work as a project engineer at the United States Gypsum Company, where he worked before enrolling in the MBA program at Pepperdine University. Mr. Madu later worked at Marathon Petroleum Corporation and Enterprise Products.


    In 2011, Mr. Madu opened a Roth IRA and a personal brokerage account with Vanguard to begin investing in the stock market while working as an intern at the Toyota Manufacturing Plant in San Antonio. There he was exposed to the possibilities of how money could be used to generate even more money.


    Mr. Madu purchased his first real estate property while working at United States Gypsum Company in 2014. His ability to take action has been unquestionable.

    Since then, he has been involved with many aspects of real estate including:

    • rehabbing distressed properties

    • managing short term rentals

    • building a portfolio of long term rentals

    • purchasing homes through auctions

    • buying out of state properties

    In 2017, Mr. Madu had an urge to help people his age start taking control of their finances and learning how to invest, whether it be in the stock market, real estate or even a business. That summer he wrote a personal finance book titled 10 Reasons Why You Are Living Centsless. The book brings to light the 10 areas young adults are spending their hard earned money, while providing simple yet practical tips that the reader can immediately put to use.


    Later that summer, Mr. Madu started the Blackseed Investment Club as a way to bridge the gap for people who typically get overwhelmed when taking the first step towards investing in the stock market.


    Currently the members of the investment club contribute monthly into a pool of funds, those funds are then invested in the stock market through the purchase of index funds, individual stocks and ETFs. The first year the group saw a 12.51% portfolio growth.


    In 2019, Mr. Madu decided to take the strategy he implemented with the Blackseed Investment Club and apply it to real estate. Through his network and expertise Mr. Madu was able to pool money with investors to purchase a renovated, cash flowing real estate asset in Tennessee.


    Mr. Madu is currently working to make investing more accessible through the Blackseed 360 subscription-based learning community.



    B.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)

    M.B.A., Concentration in Management, Pepperdine University Graziadio Business School