• Blackseed Capital

    The Preferred Investment Club for Millennials

    The Blackseed Investment Club is currently closed.

    In a two and a half year span our investors saw an overall return of 46.64%

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    The BlackSeed Investment Club is our Premier investment product. Our members contribute monthly to a pool of funds. We then invest those funds in index funds, individual stocks and ETFS.


    Members make their monthly contribution on the 1st or 15th of each month and the purchase is made the following week. Each member also has their own personal account through an online investment club portal where they can track their balance and the performance of the portfolio as a whole.


    We keep our members informed through monthly conference calls. In addition, there is a running group chat where our members communicate their investment ideas and research throughout the day. Each member will have access to view the investment club's overall account balance. The investment club director provides frequent status updates on the clubs investments and his outlook on the market.


    Getting started with our club is easy. Download the Voleo app (currently only available via IOS or Android) and submit your email address through the contact form below. This allows the club director to send you an invitation through the Voleo app. Once receiving an invite, you must fill out the necessary information to officially join the group. Currently the minimum contribution to start is $100. Monthly contributions are $100+ a month.


    The Investment Club has THREE tiers

    Lite: $50/month

    Elite: $100/month

    PRO: $500/month