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    We believe in preserving and growing our clients assets to unprecedented levels through crowdfunding efforts. Everything we do is guided by three sets of core values which define our character and culture: Teamwork, Accountability, & Integrity.

    Blackseed Revitalization Fund I

    Real Estate

    The Blackseed Revitalization Fund I(BSRF I) is a blind pool fund that focuses on the acquisition of single family and multi-family residences at below market value to rent to local residents who would like to remain in the area. The initial base of operations will be in Memphis, TN, but BSRF I intends to expand to other large cities that will continue to see growth such as for example Houston.


    Investors: $20,000 Minimum Investment



    Blackseed Real Estate Partner

    Blackseed Real Estate

    Are you interested in making cash in your sleep? Become a Blackseed Real Estate Partner by investing with The Blackseed Group and earn 10%-15% APR on your money! Read our private lender packet below then complete our small questionnaire to be added to our private lender network and be the FIRST to be alerted about new passive investment opportunities!


    $10,000 Minimum



    Blackseed IT

    Blackseed Information & Technology

    We provided staffing, consulting, and technology services for State/Local and Government agencies. Examples of the staffing solutions Blackseed IT provides for the government and other businesses includes a large variety of professional IT support services, administrative services, accounting services, healthcare services and many other services to support our client’s unique staffing requirements. Our technology services we can provide software concept design, product engineering, business assurance services, and agile digital solutions.



    Blackseed Consulting

    Blackseed Consulting

    If you're looking to increase your knowledge about investing, no matter your level of experience, book a consultation with us today!



    Investment Club

    Blackseed Capital

    We empower our members to learn and earn money in the stock market. This is done by pooling monthly contributions from our members and having weekly discussions about which funds we should invest in as a group.

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