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Blackseed 360 coming this fall!

Learning community for investors interested in the stock and real estate markets.

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The Blackseed Group™️ Launches Blackseed 360 Subscription-Based
Learning Community for Real Estate and Stock Markets Investors.

October 1, 2019The Blackseed Group™ is making investing more accessible through the Blackseed 360 subscription-based learning community launching this fall.

Blackseed 360 focuses on educating investors on the stock market and real estate industries. This platform caters to the full range of investors from beginners to the adept. “Our goal of the membership is to create an inclusive virtual round table where members can learn investing techniques while staying up-to-date on current trends,” said Founder Ogechukwu Madu. Each month members take part in strategy calls to discuss various hot topics as they develop. Members will gain access to a resource library that includes helpful templates and an investor glossary.

Blackseed 360 is a collaborative community where investors can learn from industry leaders. “Our platform introduces various investment vehicles such as Blackseedshares where investors pool their money to purchase real estate passively,” said Acquisition Manager Brandon Jones. Participants are granted the option to join other Blackseed ventures if they qualify.

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The Blackseed Group™️ believes in preserving and growing our clients assets to unprecedented levels through crowdfunding efforts. Everything we do is guided by three sets of core values which define our character and culture: Teamwork, Accountability, & Integrity. The Blackseed Investment club empowers members to learn and earn money in the stock market. This is done by pooling monthly contributions from our members and facilitating weekly discussions investment options as a group. Blackseed Shares allows investors to pool capital to purchase, rehab, flip or rent distressed single, multi-family and commercial properties.